About us

Just What You Need for Your Garden

TABOR TOOLS is a growing global supplier of Gardening & Outdoor products.
Our ambition is to supply our customers with lasting products outstanding for their functionality & design. Our customers can depend on quality Garden and Landscaping Tools year after year.

TABOR TOOLS was founded in 1982 answering to the needs of local agricultural and horticultural cooperatives. Today, with decades of experience in gardening tool design and innovation, TABOR TOOLS has become the preferred choice for the skilled professional and gardening enthusiasts, agriculturists, arborists, gardeners, landscaping, and construction professionals count on Tabor Tools for high-quality performance tools that work as hard as they do. 

Designed to make an impact

TABOR TOOLS products are designed to have an impact; both practically and visually. Their powerful appearance in colorful red and black make sure to leave a strong lasting impression.

TABOR TOOLS offer a variety of hand tools including hand pruners, hedge shears, bypass & anvil loppers, saws, sprayers, and irrigation tools. Adding new products frequently, we aim to provide a solution for every gardening need.